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Latest Highlights
             Q2 2020

In the second quarter (Q2) 2020, Retail Sales continued to record a positive growth of 1.6 per cent year-on-year, after increasing 5.8 per cent (revised from 4.3 per cent) in Q1 2020. On a quarter-on-quarter basis, retails sales increased by 4.4 per cent. Q1 2020 also recorded an increase quarter-on-quarter of 8.1 per cent (revised from 6.6 per cent).

The total value of retail sales in Q2 2020 was estimated at BND423.7 million. Almost one-third (32.5 per cent) was contributed by department stores with slaes worth BND137.8 million, followed by supermarkets (BND62.4 million or 14.7 per cent).

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Quarterly Summary Data

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Latest Highlights              Q2 2020

In the second quarter (Q2) 2020, Food & Beverages Services recorded a decline of 12.4 per cent year-on-year compared to Q2 2019. The decrease was attributed to declines in income of Restaurants and Other food services activities following the impact of the dine-in ban at all food premises starting March 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The services also declined compared to the previous quarter by 16.3 per cent.

The total value of Food & Beverages Services was estimated at BND71.1 million in Q2 2020.

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Quarterly Summary Data

Year​Quarter​BND Million​Index​Year-on-Year Growth (%)Report​Media Release​Excel Table​Snapshot