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​There are currently 22 goods listed in the Price Control Act, Chapter 142 as price controlled goods. These include:
        i)   ​Household items – rice, sugar, cooking oil, formulated powdered milk, creamer, plain flour; 
        ii)  ​Energy – Motor gasoline (Premium 97, Regular 85 and Super 92), diesel fuel, dual purpose kerosene, bottled liquefied petroleum    
       iii)  ​Construction materials; and
       iv)  ​Passenger motor vehicles 
These specific goods will be reviewed from time to time.​ ​
Businesses are required to comply with the price control regulations and must not to hike the price above the maximum price set for the specific goods. ​

Below are the maximum prices set by JPKE for the following items: (Price list is clickable)
​ ​ ​
​Passsenger Motor Vehicles
Summary  I  By Brand
​Formulated Powdered Milk ​Cooking Oil Others
​Under the Act, it is required for the selected goods mentioned above to have their prices set by JPKE before being sold to the public.   
​Businesses which intend to sell any of the specific price controlled goods with maximum price set by JPKE under the Price Control (Maximum Prices and Charges) Order shall make an application to CAD before selling the goods to the public. Application shall be submitted directly to:
               Level 3, West Wing, Room 3.04
Department of Economic Planning and Development
Block 2A, Ong Sum Ping Road, BA 1131
Negara Brunei Darussalam​
​ ​
The followings are the conditions for application on Maximum Prices of Price Control goods.
        i) ​  Conditions for application of maximum prices of passenger motor vehicles (Click on link)  (TPOR)

        ii)    Conditions for application of maximum prices of cooking oil (Click on link)  (TPOR)
        iii)​   Conditions for application of maximum prices of formulated powdered milk (Click on link)  (TPOR)

NEW:   Maximum Price Setting Application Form for Cooking Oil and Formulated Powdered Milk ()

​ ​